Investment Management

Asset Management that lets you focus your time on what matters most, not the 'markets.'

How we approach Investment Management:

“Because we’re an independent Fiduciary, we don’t have to sell proprietary products to try to make a commission, or pitch the ‘company funds’. 

That doesn’t mean we don’t take a serious and academic approach to asset management. 

The Philosophy is simple: a core portfolio that prioritizes the most consistent “Dimensions” of returns. (the characteristics that drive outperformance v.s. the market) 

Staying disciplined and leaning into these dimensions has shown significant outperformance v.s. the broad market over decades.

Each and every portfolio we design is custom tailored to meet the goals of our clients, while being positioned to capture as much of each ‘dimension’ as possible. ” – Ian Weiner, CFP®


These slides show an introduction to our Investment Philosophy.

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