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Solving the financial Ivory Tower problem

Traditional household names have great buildings, marble floors, and mahogany desks and paneling, but their client-facing advisors have a challenge you may not know… They have what I call an “Ivory Tower” problem. Their focus has to be on figuring out what set of pre-selected funds, portfolios, products, or services you fit into best.

“Moderately conservative risk tolerance? This fund family is perfect for you…” does this sound familiar? They have an inherently inductive approach, they’re focused on putting you into their box, to paraphrase an old idea – “When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Whether it’s ‘proprietary products,’ sales goals, or middle management working towards a bonus, the old guard has a conflict of interest they don’t want to talk about. Their “Principal” is the employing firm first, not the client.

At Simply Retire we take a different approach, one that is deductive. We don’t start with the tools or strategies and figure out how they could work for you, we start by focusing on your goals, dreams, aspirations, and legacy, understanding why it’s important to you and what’s at stake and then we create a plan, using tools strategies and ideas that make your desires a reality. It may seem like a subtle shift but when it makes all the difference for you… it matters to us.


Meet Ian

I am a husband to Jes, father to two rambunctious sons and one indomitable daughter. Our family calls Northwest Arkansas home, a blend of my native Colorado and her native Northeast Texas. We enjoy riding our bikes to school, football (my oldest boy’s first word) practice, and traveling for Jes’ mural work keeps us on the move! We love visiting art museums, a favorite due to its proximity and “Water Lillies” is the Nelson Atkins in Kansas City. We enjoy all of the Smithsonian Museums in D.C. and look forward to visiting soon. 
In my free time, I’m working on my Latin, and am honing my palate to become an amateur sommelier. Wine and scotch enthusiast (in moderation!) and former coffee snob – I just buy the bulk stuff now. I enjoy film, classic rock, blues jazz, and classical music – Chopin is probably my favorite composer. I still believe in the art of a handwritten note or letter. I’m also a fan of classic menswear and footwear with a strong appreciation for handmade items by true artisans, I’m a fan of many types of art yet the functionality is appealing to me. 
As a CFP(R) practitioner, I’ve pledged to uphold the fiduciary standard – to act solely in your best interest as a Financial Planner, and I’ve staked my reputation on it. I’m a bit intense, perhaps you’d call it passionate, but I’ve decided not to apologize for it. I take a deep interest in the goals and dreams and challenges that my clients have, I take it personally and it keeps me up at night more frequently than I’d like to admit, not in a negative way most of the time. I weigh planning decisions very thoughtfully. I’m telling you about it because your goals, dreams, struggles, challenges, families and legacies matter, and if they matter to you, they should matter to your trusted advisors too. My suspicion is that you might know more about me now than your current advisor. This isn’t a typical bio, and that’s the point. We’re different and that’s on purpose. If you’ve made it this far, you’ve gotten an introduction into how I think, what’s important to me and why we do things this way. I’m private by nature, I strive to reserve my thoughts, feelings (yes I have those), and opinions for those I’m close with. We don’t work with everyone, and that’s on purpose too. We want to build long-term relationships with people we can root for, not just long enough to sign on the dotted line. We want to walk to and through retirement with you because it matters. 
We don’t work with everyone, and that’s on purpose too. We want to build long-term relationships with people we can root for, not just long enough to sign on the dotted line. We want to walk to and through retirement with you because it matters. 
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Meet J.Marcel


J. Marcel Louimeus serves as Director of Institutional Retirement and is Founder, Owner, and Managing Principal of EXOS Wealth Strategies. As a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC ®), Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist (CRPS®), and an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®), Marcel has developed expertise in providing corporate fiduciary services and has worked with individual clients in many of the different aspects of financial planning and wealth management.

Marcel is recognized in the industry as an advisor of great influence and professionalism. Because of Marcel’s experience and successful track record with his clients, he has been featured on advisory panels and has participated at industry conferences to share best business practices on maximizing 401 (k) plan performance and employee participation.

Marcel graduated with a B.S. from LeTourneau University where he earned academic scholarships and played collegiate basketball during all four years of his undergrad. He even holds the record for the highest all-time field goal percentage in school history. Marcel completed his postgraduate work at LeTourneau University as well.

Marcel enjoys family movie nights, the culinary arts, doing outdoor activities with his wife and three children, and is an avid fitness enthusiast.

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