Answering Financial Questions is quite literally what we do. Here are a few of the most common ones.


Q: What services do you offer? 

A: We offer comprehensive financial planning services to individuals, families and small business owners, in addition to institutional retirement plan offerings. Read more about our Services

Q: Where are you located? 

A:Our “headquarters” is located in Bentonville, Arkansas. We are a virtual focused practice, meaning we’ve embraced secure technology to be able to work with clients from all over the United States, because we believe quality advice shouldn’t be restricted by zip code. 

Q:How do your fees work? 

A:We offer a variety of Fee-Based options based on your unique needs, including: Flat Fee Planning, Advice Only Planning, Subscription Based Planning as well as outsourced CFO services, and Investment Management. 

Q:Are you a fiduciary? 

A:Always. Download our fiduciary pledge here

Q: What if I want to manage my own assets, do you offer Advice Only? 

A: Absolutely! We understand some people are DIYers when it comes to managing finances, and we can offer customized advice only planning for those who are very fee conscious and working to achieve FI. 

Q: Do you prepare taxes? 

A: We don’t offer tax or legal advice, but we are very experienced in working seamlessly with your existing professionals, or if you are ready to build a trusted team, we will assist in interviewing and evaluating professionals to compliment our services. 

Q:What does it look like to become a client? 

A:While it’s slightly different for everyone because of their unique needs, see our process for an overview. 

Q:Where can we learn more about your perspectives and experience? 

A:Check out our About page. 

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