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Create a retirement plan for you and your employees

Creating the right plan can help you save

As Corporate Fiduciaries, we’ve developed more than 400 plans and have managed 401(k) plans for start-ups as well as companies with annual revenues north of $40 million. 

Historically, we’ve been able to decrease overall plan fees by approximately .39 percent, increase overall plan performance by .27 percent, and attain an active employee participation rate of 90 percent across all plans. In a $10,000,000 401(k) plan, .39 percent in savings represents $39,000, monies which go back to work for Americans in their chartered retirement plans.

 Additionally, every $1,000 of savings represents an additional 100 years of retirement income added to the plan. Employees and employers benefit immensely from their fiduciary partnership with us.


Developing a Chartered Retirement Plan is a lot of work

Chartered Retirement Plans come in many shapes and forms. There are plans specifically designed for small employers, solo-practitioners, large conglomerates, and everything in between. 

When designing employee retention tools like a Chartered Retirement Plan, employers can find it difficult to navigate the retirement terrain while staying DOL and ERISA complaint.

And let’s face it, with today’s highly litigious and regulatory society, it’s no wonder employers can be a bit apprehensive when considering the subject of their sponsored retirement plan – everyone talks about how important they are, for retention and for personal planning, yet they just seem to keep getting added to next year’s list…

We're here to help you create a Chartered Retirement Plan

When you engage with Simply Retire on your Chartered Retirement Plan, you partner with an Independent Corporate Fiduciary and Investment Advisor. Being a Fiduciary means we operate in the best interest of the employer and their employees. We’ve made a commitment to function ONLY as a Fiduciary to the corporation, sitting on the same side of the table as the employer when deciding on service providers, plan design, and plan investment. Independence meaning, we are NOT beholden to any one fund family or platform provider. We have full autonomy to operate as we see fit in the market place, giving our clients complete flexibility when selecting plan providers and designing top tier plans, because it matters to you, it matters to us. 


Here at Simply Retire, we have the tools and resources available to assist employers in all facets of Chartered Retirement Plan creation and maintenance. We have developed a process that helps employers establish highly efficient and attractive plans, all the while maintaining regulatory integrity and plan affordability. The process is kept simple, allowing employers to feel confident in the directions we take and strategies we implement towards the attainment of total plan success.

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Define your goals

The best way to plan for your future is to be specific about your goals and values.

refine your plan

We work with you to craft a financial plan that supports your desired goals.

impliment your strategy

Start saving. We continuously refine your plan to meet changes in your goals.

Build a plan for your future today.

The perfect time to plan for retirement is now.