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Making financial planning accessible for everyone.


Solving the financial Ivory Tower problem

Traditional household names have great buildings, marble floors, and mahogany desks and paneling, but their client-facing advisors have a challenge you may not know… They have what I call an “Ivory Tower” problem. Their focus has to be on figuring out what set of pre-selected funds, portfolios, products, or services you fit into best.

“Moderately conservative risk tolerance? This fund family is perfect for you…” does this sound familiar? They have an inherently inductive approach, they’re focused on putting you into their box, to paraphrase an old idea – “When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Whether it’s ‘proprietary products,’ sales goals, or middle management working towards a bonus, the old guard has a conflict of interest they don’t want to talk about. Their “Principal” is the employing firm first, not the client.

At Simply Retire we take a different approach, one that is deductive. We don’t start with the tools or strategies and figure out how they could work for you, we start by focusing on your goals, dreams, aspirations, and legacy, understanding why it’s important to you and what’s at stake and then we create a plan, using tools strategies and ideas that make your desires a reality. It may seem like a subtle shift but when it makes all the difference for you… it matters to us.

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Exceeding your expectations at every turn is our goal.


Demystifying retirement planning for all


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