Legacy Planning

Create a legacy that stretches far beyond your lifetime

Be certain you leave your mark.

Your legacy is like a fingerprint: we all have them, and they may look similar, but they’re all entirely unique. Giving thoughtful consideration to the legacy you leave isn’t always an easy conversation, yet it’s one that matters. We help transition those desires into actionable strategies to make sure your dollars go to the people and places you desire and leave the legacy you want, not one decided by a judge. Whether you want to make sure your assets go to your children, grandchildren, other relatives & close friends or to fund your philanthropic mission, we want to be sure they pass as tax-efficiently as possibly. 

Charitable and philanthropic efforts are close to our heart, you can learn more about some of our favorite missions here. Whether you want to make sure your giving is as tax-advantaged as possible, want to start your own charitable organization or even create a generation-empowering private foundation, we can help guide you on the journey to maximize your impact, now and when you pass the torch.

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Define your goals

The best way to plan for your future is to be specific about your goals and values.

refine your plan

We work with you to craft a financial plan that supports your desired goals.

implement your strategy

Start saving. We continuously refine your plan to meet changes in your goals.

Build a plan for your future today.

The perfect time to plan for retirement is now.